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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a targeted treatment aimed at specific areas of the body. Each session begins with a clinical assessment and the development of a tailored treatment plan to suit the individual. 

The use of Deep Tissue techniques, Trigger Point and Acupressure therapy, Joint Loosening, Muscle Lengthening and targeted stretches helps remove blockages, aide in the recovery of muscles by breaking down scar tissue and adhesions, and remove damaged cells and toxins from the muscle to promote healing after injury.

Remedial Massage is meant for the treatment of muscle problems. These can include, but are not limited to:
  • back pain from muscle spasm
  • shoulder pain from long hours at a desk or computer
  • neck pain causing headaches
  • recovery from strains and sprains
  • recovery from over use injuries
  • Sciatic pain aka. Sciatica.  (clinical name, Piriformis Syndrome, or Piriformis Entrapment Syndrome)
  • and many more.
The most common groups to seek out remedial massage are participants in sports and people who perform repetitive actions for work. Both professional and amateur sports people often find themselves with injuries or muscle strain that are best treated with a remedial massage. Where as office staff and labourers often find they suffer from shortening and tightness in muscles. A very common example is neck pain caused by holding the phone on your shoulder while you take notes or type messages. 

Clinical assessment is the key to effective remedial massage therapy and something we pride ourselves on at South Gippsland Massage Therapy. Often the pain is felt away from the muscles involved. e.g. pain on the inside of the knee which can be caused by shortening and tension of the muscles on the outer side of the thigh. Depending on the issue we assess gait, posture, range of motion, strength, changes in muscle tone and skin changes. Together with experience these assessments help us to find the root cause of the problem and create a personalised treatment plan. 

Do you need a Remedial Massage?

If you think you might benefit from remedial massage but are not sure give us a call and we can discuss your individual situation. We may decide that it would be better for us to do a full assessment in which case we will make an appointment and have you come in. 

If coming in is not an option we can come to you for the Mobile Service fee to perform an assessment. If the assessment does not indicate the need for a remedial, and you choose not to have a relaxation massage while we are there, you will only be charged the Mobile Service fee. (This applies to 'local' only, see Mobile Service for details of 'local)

Appointments are available via email at or via phone on 0409 955 834.