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Sports Massage

Are you a professional or amateur athlete, body builder, or just somebody who regularly exercises for fitness and health?  

Sports massage is all about performance. Whether you're training or competing you're muscles are working hard and need maintenance. Like a car engine, with heavy use, wear and tear occurs requiring us to get the engine serviced. 
Muscles under constant use develop micro-tears. This is how our body builds muscle and strength. The down side is we need to stretch and care for the muscles as the micro-tears heal and build the muscle body. Unfortunately we sometimes don't stretch enough or we overload the muscle and the micro-tears build into scar tissue that limits the muscles range, reflex and strength. Sports massage is about correcting this damage, re-lengthening the muscle, realigning the fibres, improving the circulation through the muscle body and promoting the muscle to recover properly.  

When, and why?
Sports massage varies depending on when you seek it. South Gippsland Massage Therapy offers the complete range of sports specific massage including:
  • Game Day / Event Massage - Pre-event, Inter-event, and Immediate Post Event massages.
  • Pre and Immediate Post Training massages
  • Training supportive massages
  • Post-event massage - conducted 2 or more days after a heavy event to promote recovery

For more information on the different types email or call 0409 955 834.

Game Day / Event Day
South Gippsland Massage Therapy can be on-site for your event whether you are a team or an individual.
We can set up in club rooms and service an entire team or set up behind our vehicle and prepare you for you event. 
More information is available under our Mobile Service

Appointments are available via email at or via phone on 0409 955 834.
Refer to our Appointments page for available booking times.